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nRide is an open and free Uber-like service powered by NKN blockchain technology

Core Benefits


nRide implements a p2p protocol over the NKN blockchain network, that means users do not rely on a centralized authority to engage with one-another.


Anyone can download and join nRide as a driver or passenger, subject to the regulations in their jursidiction.

Low Costs

nRide does not take a percentage of the rider's fare. Riders pay a small network fee when they broadcast their availability for a      
pickup. The fee rewards NKN blockchain nodes for supporting the system.



nRide is built on NKN, a blockchain that counts over 100'000 nodes across the world and provides a secure overlay network for device-to-device communication.                       
To enable passengers to discover available riders in their vicinity, nRide uses the pub/sub functionality of NKN whereby a rider can create or join a group for the geographical area they cover, and broadcast their availability to the rest of the group. Users are automatically subscribed to the group corresponding to their current location, and are able to view available riders in their area. The way areas are divided is based on a virtual 5km * 5km grid applied on the map; the app automaticaly determines which area one is located in. Of course, as users move around, they automatically leave and join groups to receive relevant information at all times.                                       
Once users have discovered which drivers are available in their area, a p2p agreement protocol is executed to decide which rider to use, to exchange  location data in realtime, and to settle the exchange when the trip is over.  NKN provides an encrypted tunnel for direct and secure p2p communication, which is the keystone is this system.


Frequently asked questions

What is NKN?

New Kind of Network (NKN) is a public blockchain that aims to use economic incentives to motivate Internet users to share network connections and utilize unused bandwidth. NKN aims to be a network for building decentralized applications in a way that enhances peer-to-peer data transmission and connectivity.

What makes nRide special?

Other ride-hailing applications, like Uber or Lyft, are centralized and act as intermediaries between riders and passengers. For this service they charge a hefty fee of circa 20% on the rider's fare. nRide is built on NKN's public infrastructure, which means that the application does not depend on a central authority. No entity plays a special role, and riders get to keep all their income.

How are fares calculated and paid?

This is still an open question. Please feel free to share your comments via the contact form or on Github.

How much does nRide cost for the driver?

The only cost associated with nRide is the small network fee incurred by drivers when they broadcast their availability for pickups around their current location. This corresponds to the transaction fee for publishing messages on NKN. This transaction fee remunerates NKN nodes for including transactions in the NKN blockchain. At the moment, NKN is well under maximum capacity and the fee is 0. This might change as the network becomes more popular and processes higher volumes.

What are the rules for onboarding riders?

The laws concerning self employed drivers vary by country and jurisdiction. nRide is a facilitator, and enables anyone to signup. It is up to the drivers to make sure they comply with their local regulations.

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